Our Story

Luna Beach started as a passion of Joan Marc and Nina Urgell when they started to visualize their inspirations and experiences from their travels around the world. They turned this passion into Luna Beach as co founders of the brand while living in San Diego, California.

Luna Beach collections continue to inspire the founders as their affection for traveling, diversity of cultures, and natural sceneries around the world, dissolve into their designs. Each collection is distinctive and unique, made in our shop in Barcelona, Spain as we always try to create our own statement in swimwear fashion.

Our designs accentuate a woman’s natural beauty as our swimwear remains simple, neutral, and elegant.

In our perspective, simplicity is the most important part of swimwear fashion, as our collections are made to enrich the natural character of a woman’s body.

All of our swimwear is designed and hand-dyed in Barcelona using the highest quality hand-dye process in the market.

We dream of a world where a woman’s reality and fantasies are aligned. Where she can freely travel the beaches of the world limited only by her imagination and thirst for adventure.

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